What exactly do we mean when we say eco home?

Eco, Green or Sustainable?

The term ‘Green’ has no real specific meaning in terms of construction, other than a general environmental awareness. ‘Eco’ is simply an abbreviation of ecological and ‘sustainable’ refers commonly to construction projects using natural materials from well-managed sources or projects which provide better energy efficiency.

In the end they’re all ways of describing a house that minimises its impact on the environment.

An Eco Home uses materials and technologies to reduce its environmental impact. The concept could include anything from the addition of a few solar panels to an ‘earthship biotecture‘ house built entirely with recycled or reclaimed materials.
Eco-Listed Building Project – Thruxton

Eco Home Case Study

We worked with the good people at RVG Engineering on this complex listed building project in Thruxton, which featured on the BBC show Escape to the Country. 

The build features an air source heat pump (ASHP). The system transfers heat from outside the building to the inside or vice versa. These systems are also referred to as ‘reverse-cycle air conditioners’.

In domestic heating use, an ASHP absorbs heat from the outside air and releases it inside, as hot air and or hot water. The same system can work in reverse during summer, cooling the inside of the house. The system offers full central heating and domestic hot water up to 80 °C.

Heat Pump Facts

  • Provides all your heating and domestic hot water
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Longer life expectancy than boilers
  • Compliments Solar PV installations
  • No delivery issue like oil/lpg & coal
  • More stable/flexible energy running cost
  • Seamless heating delivering comfortable heat
  • No carbon monoxide issues (no landlord certification required)
  • Suitable for radiators and underfloor heating
ASP Murphy Brickwork Thruxton (19)
ASP Murphy Brickwork Thruxton (20)

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