We could not let this extension project draw to a close without expressing our sincere gratitude to you and your team for your professional and friendly input throughout. We really enjoyed working with you and hope you did not find us too difficult or awkward.

For us it was an ambitious and costly undertaking and it was a huge comfort to have your support and advice from the very early stages of construction through to completion.

We were particularly impressed by the way you sealed off the work areas so that we could remain living in the rest of the house for the entire project. This entailed temporary walls, relocation of our washing machine and fridge, temporary plumbing, drainage and electrical supplies in order that essential services were always available. I was able to continue running my business from home, which relies on IT, in comfort. This was no mean feat considering the extent of the build.

The project got under way a month earlier than we had expected and was completed in record time on schedule despite the most atrocious wet weather that the UK has seen in over 100 years. You worked stoically and not once did we hear anyone complain.

Another notable event was your offer to run phase two of the project, re-landscaping the garden and building a large patio area and pathway all around the side concurrently. This was something we had intended to do at a later date. As it turned out, this was to everyone’s advantage and we are thrilled with your imaginative layout, top quality block and brick work and the amazing patio. You even volunteered to re-paint the fence and other minor improvements within the price.

We are delighted with the end product which has far exceeded our wildest dreams and was within budget with no significant hidden costs, taking a mere 9 weeks from start to finish. Your exceptionally professional relationship with our architect Peter Tesar and all the sub-contractors involved was truly valuable and communications were thorough to ensure that the logistics never held up the proceedings. It was run with a uniquely relaxed military precision.

We would like to mention and say a special thank you to the main players in particular: Andy, Brad, Lee, Glen & Tim, Alan, Jeff and Ray, Paul, Brian, Jim & Brian Droz, Ollie, Bernard, Jim at Bohen, Ian and the fitters at Brand Windows Ltd., the roofers and the lads who helped with the patio groundworks on that most industrious Saturday.

In essence, you gave us 100% satisfaction. We are most grateful for the enjoyable experience and would recommend ASP Murphy to anyone who wishes to embark on a complex extension knowing that they will get exactly what they requested.

Richard Barnes-Gorell

Winton Chase